About us

Bulgaria is amongst the most preferred destinations in Europe thanks to its copious animal and plant life. By visiting our beautiful country you will see many historical sights and natural landmarks. In addition to its cultural and historical heritage, Bulgaria has to offer plenty of scenic places for recreation and entertainment.

Here, we have thought about the lovers of hunting experience – about you, our prospective guests, hunters and winners of many hunt trophies, to whose attention we present Carcaria wild game reserve.

Here you shall find privacy, complacency and professional treatment by our team. For all who wish to have a quality hunting experience, please, feel welcome!


The wild game reserve Karkaria is named after the mountain ridge in the northern part of West Rhodope Mountain and is situated between the valleys of Chepinska and Stara Reka Rivers (right tributaries of Maritza River) in the territory of Rakitovo Municipality, Pazardzhik County. The hunting ground spreads on 8600 hectares. The highest point is Kalchish Peak (1475 m) situated about 5 km northeast of the village of Dorkovo, and the lowest point in the region is Tsepina Train Station (narrow gauge track) at elevation 450 m.

The reserve has a typical mountain relief – sharply carved with deep glens and clearly distinct crests. The huge distance of vertical profile conditions the diversity of plant and animal species in the reserve area, and the steep mountain slopes favor the thriving of mouflon population.


Karkaria wild game reserve offers a great diversity of game species. There are habitats of fallow deer, mouflon, wild boar, roe deer, fox, badger, marten and wild pigeons in the reserve area. The propitious climate and geographic situation of the region ensure the possibility for year-round hunting for big and small game and predators.

Comfortable hunting lounges and open platforms for battues have been provided for the hunters, in addition to hunting routes and paths suitable for arranging the hunting of different game species.


Our guests shall be accommodated in Karkaria hunting lodge, which has 5 double rooms and 1 apartment. Each room has a panoramic balcony, a bathroom, a toilet room, local heating, wireless internet (Wi-Fi) and cable TV. For ensuring even better comfort for our guests we invite them to use our tavern, summer garden, and barbecue shed near the freshwater lake providing possibility for fishing balkan trout.

To the lovers of longer stays in the wild, we can offer scenic drive-around by АТV to the most hard to access places in the region.


Karkaria excels in local rhodopian meals and game specialties made of locally produced and selected clean bio products. Through your experiences we shall make you feel the Bulgarian spirit and traditions.


Having you as our guest will be a pleasure for us. Let your hunt trophies be much more than a moment to be proud of but also а memory of your good experience that would take you back to us time and again!